Web Development Services

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Web Development Services

I learned how to code HTML websites before WordPress using Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage back in the day. (1997-98 to be exact) When everything was built using tools like Dreamweaver and Fireworks, I built sites with some complex rollovers and mastered the art of slicing graphics.

I’ve developed many shopping cart / ecommerce sites over the years. I’ve used a handful of shopping cart programs and built many using CGI forms before we had many of the robust tools we have now. Today, I build 95% of everything using WordPress and WooCommerce or working with HTML5 templates.

I’ve invested thousands of dollars testing hundreds of WordPress themes over the years and have standardized on some development frameworks for clients so they can avoid pitfalls and heartache if they decide they don’t want to work with me down the road.

Web Development Philosophy

My first goal is to try and bring to life the vision the client has by being a good listener, taking notes, and asking questions. Most of the time it’s a collaboration between the two of us on design and functionality and potential budget constraints. Since I have an extensive background in SEO and online marketing, I always develop with SEO in mind and simplicity over complexity. Every website is mobile responsive to display both on a desktop and mobile device.

Client Philosophy

We’ve all heard stories of the web developer that took down a client’s website, kept logins from them, etc. I’m not that developer. I enjoy educating clients where I can, but I always make sure clients have “all” important information in the event something physically happens to me. I’ll even help clients develop a disaster document in the event they need to move or recover their website in the event of something catastrophic. At the end of the day, I want a client to work with me because I provide value for them.