Fiverr Issues 2021 Working With Sellers

Working With Fiverr Sellers 2021


Working with Fiverr gig sellers in 2021 has been an eye opener for me. I’ve been using Fiverr for 8+ years and have only had a couple of issues in all that time. Most of my experiences have been great and I tip well for work done as described.

This month has been interesting. Here are some of the categories I’ve ordered gigs for in 2021:

  • Voice Overs
  • Music Production
  • Song Writing
  • Video Editing
  • Dance / Dance Choreography
  • Song Vocalist

Of the categories I mentioned above only one group has tried to hustle me on every gig…can you guess which category?

Dance / Dance Choreography. Most or many of the dance / choreography gigs claim they will do custom choreography or dance to your song. Two gigs in a row the sellers just spliced old or previously shot footage to create a sort of montage, but nothing was custom or was even in tempo with my original song.

One gigger tried to hustle me for $150 for a stage and after I told her I only had a $15 credit on my Fiverr account, she said, I’ll take that. I’m hoping the gig turns out well, but I’m not optimistic at this point.

Before I wrote this I did a little searching on Google to see if I could find any other issues from others using Fiverr. What I found was several articles about Fiverr sellers being wary of buyers…it made me laugh. I’m sure there are some bad buyers, but anyone I know that buys gigs on Fiverr also like to pay and tip great on a job well done.

I had to dispute my last gig for not delivering what I asked for specifically and the seller agreed to create. I’m now waiting for a full refund so I can try and find some local talent that would be willing to create a dance routine to my parody song track I had created.

Last Thoughts On Working With Fiverr Sellers

Majority of the time your gigs will probably go off without a hitch, but the more specificity you can provide the better your gig will go. Create a word document or create screenshots if needed to help the seller with your gig. I’m all for giving creators or gig sellers some room, but where I draw the line is when someone tries to intentionally hustle or scam me.

If you use Fiverr as a buyer or seller, drop a line and share your experiences with me to share with others.

May 15, 2021 Fiverr Update

Fiverr gave me full refund on gig I asked to be cancelled. Here are some final thoughts if you are looking to have dance / choreography gigs done on Fiverr and some tips that might be helpful when working with sellers.

  • If a seller tries to hustle you for add-ons just run the other way
  • Be very specific in what you want or set the expectation. There can be some grey area with communication, especially when working with different languages. With regard to dancing, if you want something custom to your song of choice make sure you specify (original dance footage, no previously shot footage, etc.) I had two gigs in a row where the seller just created a poorly timed montage with old dance footage. Many of the gigs, they say; “I will dance to your song” when in actuality they do not. In every single dance gig, the seller outright lied or tried to hustle me for add-ons or some crazy jump in price. (See example below)

I think some Fiverr giggers don’t know basic math. For example; One gig as a premium offering was for a group to dance to your song for one minute. I needed four minutes. My basic math tells me that $60×4=$240. The gigger I was trying to work with told me a group dance routine would run me $640.

Again, the dance / choreography category is the only time I’ve run into this. Every other gig I’ve had done on Fiverr, the sellers never tried to aggressively upsell me for some add-on.

One Down Side To Fiverr Cancellations

Here’s the down side to Fiverr gig cancellations; When a gig is cancelled you cannot leave any type of review. So the general public or potential buyers have no idea that a seller is make false claims or representing the community poorly. I recommended to Fiverr that the two giggers that misrepresented what they offered be booted off the platform.