To those who know me well, they would tell you I don’t fit a stereotype or mold for someone with a technical and online marketing background. To make it short, I’m a geek with an artistic side who loves adventure and the outdoors.

I started my technical career while learning how to use DOS and a dot matrix printer working for a real estate office. After attending a local community college and getting my hands on two computers with a bank of 56k modems, my inner geek was born.

I learned how to code HTML websites before WordPress using Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage. I learned organic SEO long before many of today’s key software programs were developed to make it easier; And yes, I was that dreaded parent that knew more about computers than anyone else in the room.

Over the years, I’ve built computers, set up networks and did a short stint with a fortune 500 company in the networking space selling data networks and evangelized the convergence of voice and data.

I moved my family to Dallas when I took a job with a start-up Internet Telephony Company that was pre-IPO until the dot com crash hit March 10, 2000. After the company failed I started knocking on doors to build websites, offered website hosting after building up a network of dedicated servers, and provided SEO services.

As I worked on web projects, I started shooting photos, video, and doing my own editing to speed up the projects. Today, I enjoy every opportunity I get to work creatively with these tools.

Fast forward through a couple of business partnerships and becoming an expert at managing Google Adwords, I generated nearly 1 million leads online while managing a $200k+ monthly ad budget.

In 2016, I started a new journey, and decided to drop the corporate sounding names and brand myself while developing more of my artistic side. As you look through my galleries you’ll find a little old mixed with the new.

At the end of the day, my goal is to create amazing memories, emotion, or a message that represents your brand in the ever-growing complexity of digital everything.

While I enjoy the unique photography and video projects I’ve been able to work on, my ideal client for web development and online marketing is a client that needs someone who can do nearly everything from A-Z.

Check out my list of services and reach out to me for any of your photography, video, online marketing, or web development needs.