4 Big Reasons Google Traffic will be Decimated, Sooner than you think!


Google’s Organic Traffic Challenges

  • AI-powered strategies and platforms pose a significant threat to Google’s organic traffic.
  • Facebook (Meta) is introducing an AI-powered search engine within its platforms, potentially capturing a substantial portion of Google’s search market share.
  • Meta’s advantage lies in its vast user data and psychographic information, enabling targeted advertising.
  • Google’s conversational AI for Google Ads simplifies ad creation, increasing competition for organic traffic.
  • Generative search presents large information panels at the top of search results, pushing organic listings down and reducing traffic.
  • Google’s integration of AI-powered search into the Android system and Gemini AI assistant will further divert traffic from organic search.
  • OpenAI is developing a search product that could capture another portion of Google’s search market share.

Impact on Businesses

  • Reduced Google traffic can lead to a decline in organic traffic, revenue, and increased competition for businesses.


  • Gain traffic from AI searches.
  • Optimize for conversational AI.
  • Enhance user experience.
  • Utilize AI platforms.
  • Engage on social media.
  • Diversify traffic sources.
  • Maintain high-quality content.

Challenges for SEO Professionals

  • Google’s new operating reality presents significant challenges for SEO professionals, requiring them to be more agile and innovative.
  • Meta’s entry into the search market poses a formidable challenge to Google due to its vast user data and ability to incorporate user history and data into search evaluations.

Speaker’s Company’s Strategies

  • Developing three automated software strategies to address these challenges:
  • Ranking in generative search.
  • Creating social media accounts based on tightly focused niches.
  • Automated cold email marketing.
  • Predicting that by 2025, traffic from their niche social media growth platform, automated cold email marketing, and AI-generated site builder will surpass Google organic traffic.

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